Age is NO Barrier to Fitness

Age is NO Barrier to Fitness

Here’s some inspiration for you so that you continue to make exercise a part of your daily routine!

Ernestine Shepherd is in better shape than most people, decades her junior. At 74 she is honored with being in the Guinness Book of World Record for being the oldest female body builder. She started body building at age 54. Up at 3 a.m. every morning, for her devotional prayers. She spends her days running, lifting weights and working out. She also works as a certified personal trainer at her gym.

Feeling better than she did at 40,”Bodybuilding champion Ernestine Shepherd shows us that ”being out of shape” as we age truly is merely an option — NOT a mandate! She is a role model not just for senior women everywhere, but for every one of us.

Despite all the exercise, Ernestine says that she has no aches or pains whatsoever and has never been injured — not at all — in the 17 years of her new improved life. This 5-foot 5-inch, 130-pound dynamo sports 9 to 10% body fat; these single-digit percentages are usually reserved for elite-professional male athletes in their prime! She takes no medications. She loves her new life’s work, enjoys more energy than those decades younger and has never been more successful.

What’s her secret? Let’s look at some of what allows Ernestine to defy “normal” aging:
• Began slowly under the guidance of an expert personal trainer and gradually conditioned her body
• Ernestine, realizing early on the importance of good nutrition (including sufficient protein and supplements) sought out the services of a nutritionist• Has the full support of her husband of 52 years, Collin, who prepares meals and makes sure the fridge is always stocked with her seven convenient small balanced daily meals
• Makes sure she gets the rest her body needs
• Tries to have a positive attitude about everything, views her workouts as fun and sees her work as being on a “long happy journey”
• Knows where she wants to go and what she wants to accomplish and do
• Believes in encouragement, inspiration and family support and lives by her mantra ” Determined — Dedicated — Disciplined To Be Fit”

Ernestine Shepherd is having the time of her life at an age when many folks only see themselves as declining and getting old. She’s in the best shape of her life by far, more successful than she’s ever been and a supreme role model to senior women everywhere — and to the rest of us, too. She has a lot to teach us about thriving at any age — if we are but ready and open to learn.

Namaste, Daisy

(Information about Ernestine provided by Get in Shape for Women, Mill Valley)



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