Tips To Help You Get Through Your Workout

Tips To Help You Get Through Your Workout

Getting yourself to workout can be tough. However, sometimes it’s even harder to complete the workout you set out to do than it is to begin the workout.

Here are some tips to help you complete your workout all the way!

1. Eat enough. Many poeple do not eat enough before a workout either because they don’t have time or they worried they will feel sick. Whether you are getting up early to get your workout in, or rushing right from work, make sure you get something in you, even if its just a couple amonds. If you have not eaten enough before a killer workout, it’s easy to get fatigued half way through and quit early or just slack off during it. Try to eat at least an hour before your workout to avoid feeling ill, but even if you can only get it in right before, eating any sort of light snack will be better than nothing to keep your energy up to push yourself and get you through to the end!

2. Your sneakers are your best friend! You work out in this footware every day, so why not invest in a pair that you love and are made for you? There are so many options to choose from when it comes to sneakers. However, finding the right pair for your body and arch can really make a difference. It might be worth investing in a pair that is just right for you in both fit and style! This will also leave you no room to use footwear as an excuse for not getting your workout in.

3. Crunches are useless. It’s so sad seeing people at the gym just crunching away thinking they are going to one day see those ab muscles show through the fat that is covering them. But targeting just your abs will not burn belly fat and get you that 6 pack you are striving for. The answer is strength training exercises that get your heart rate up, target multiple muscle groups and burn fat. These types of exercieses will always require you to use your core to stabalize yourself and will burn fat all over. The only way to really get abs is to lower your body fat, so doing exercises that melt fat rather than target just your abdominal muscles, is the only way to get the abs you have always wanted!

4. It’s always easier with a buddy. Try to find a workout buddy to help hold yourself accountable for not only showing up, but working hard and finishing every workout! Even if this person is not necessarily “hardcore”, just knowing that there is someone else also striving to reach certain fitness goals, gives us this subconscious guilt if we don’t show, slack off or end early. Even if you don’t have anyone to physically go to the gym with you, try one of those apps where you can see each others food and workout diary, and it will just give you that little extra sense of “someone is going to know if I eat this or don’t do my workout”.

5. Reward yourself! It is important to recognize all victories when striving for certain fitness goals, not just victories on the scale. At the end of each workout stop to savor that moment of feeling accomplished after a tough day at the gym or on the track. Give yourself a pat on the back for finishing that last set hard, or thinking you couldn’t finish but you did. Or even just for working out at all! Then, the next time you feel like skipping the gym or cutting a workout short, remember how good you felt last time you pushed through and use it as motivation. Also, on your days off, still take that hour for yourself and do something you love that you don’t often make time for!

Information from Brian Cook
CEO and Founder of Get In Shape For Women


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