Getting Past Weight Loss Plateaus!

Getting Past Weight Loss Plateaus!

thCA44ML8QIf you feel you’re doing the right things but still not seeing the scale budge, you might be at a weight loss plateau. This eventually happens to everyone who is trying to lose weight. At this point, releasing weight does become more difficult and you need to be especially vigilant. What to do?

1. Keep a food journal to track your calories. You may need to reduce your caloric intake by 100-200 calories/day. As you lose weight, you require fewer calories. Sad but true. (Or maybe good – less money spent on food, more to spend on spa days pampering your beautiful body!)

2. Pack more activity into your day. Move more! Stand while talking on the phone, park farther away from the store, use the stairs not the elevator, take your dog for another walk….

3. Make sure you’re pushing yourself hard on your workouts. Ramp up the intensity on cardio and make sure the weights you’re lifting feel heavy and challenging – not just do-able.

4. Focus on the positive progress you’ve made. Even if the weight isn’t sliding off as fast as you’d like, congratulate yourself for your progress to date, eating healthier and exercising. All your efforts are having a positive effect on your body in numerous ways and change WILL come.

Stay focused and believe in yourself!

You didn’t gain the weight overnight – so you won’t lose it overnight.

You CAN get there, one pound at a time.

Namaste, Daisy


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