Accountability….Easier said than done, right?

ConsistencyIt is way to easy to talk ourselves OUT of going to yoga class or to the gym, with excuses like “I don’t have time”…

And it is equally as easy to justify an unhealthy dinner choice with “I forgot to go grocery shopping” or just convincing yourself  “that the cheeseburger wasn’t THAT bad because I took off the top bun”….

No matter how “legitimate” or is still an excuse. The worst part, we won’t regret it until the next time we step on that scale or try to fit into those skinny jeans…So how do we stay strong and keep ourselves from so easily justifying sitting on the couch and ordering pizza for dinner?

Here are 4 MUST FOLLOW tips to help hold yourself accountable and achieve success:


Treat your workouts as a meeting with an agenda! Put them on your calendar and write down exactly what you are going to do. This is a meeting you MUST attend and it isn’t over until you have covered everything on the agenda. Keep a diary so that you can see what you were supposed to do and what you actually did, forcing yourself to admit when you do not finish the workout.


Food PyramidFor your meals, plan what time of day you will eat each meal and snack. This will help you stay on track and eat ONLY what is on the blueprint no matter what! Consume 1300-1600 calories and 100 grams of Protein daily. 8-10 glasses of water. Eat every 2-3 hours, 6 days per week. No alcohol, sodas or dairy. Your 7th Day is FREE! Calories and nutritional information may vary by brand, so be sure to read the labels. I recommend speaking to your doctor or a registered dietician. Also, consider using MyFitnessPal or other mobile apps to easily help you keep track of your meals and your progress!


Set goals that are SMART. Think hard about what you want to accomplish with your lifestyle changes and write down the goals you want to achieve. Having SMART goals allows you to measure your  progress and keep track of the work you have left. It can also serve as motivation. Sometimes when we start to make progress, but don’t have a defined goal in mind, it is easy to just reward ourselves for what we have accomplished so far and fall off the wagon. So write your goals down in PEN and COMMIT! The first step is deciding you are ready to put in the work to achieve your goals, no matter what it takes!


Have you been avoiding that scale for too long? I know it is hard, but you have to step on that scale and record your starting weight. It is important information. After that, weigh yourself once a week on the same day and at the same time. If you follow your nutrition plan and work as hard as you can during your workouts, there is no reason that scale won’t show you what you want…right? Well, yes and no. There are times that we plateau and our body is achieving non-scale victories such as inches lost, more muscle tone, or feeling healthier and more energetic. So don’t get too discouraged by the scale. Just remember that the scale DOESN’T lie.

As a NASM Personal Trainer, I can help you set goals, stay motivated and accountable! Contact me for a FREE Introductory Session. Let’s talk about you! Take the first step. Get started!

Sharon Daisy Manuel


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My passion is to inspire women to realize their potential and get the body they really want through fitness, yoga and nutrition.
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