Forgetting What It’s Like to Feel Good

Forgetting What It’s Like to Feel Good

happy-new-year-2014-2I sat down this morning with a cup of coffee and a notepad to think about topics I’d like to discuss in my blog for 2014. It occurred to me that I can do a better job on the mental aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Sure I love discussing the latest research, training tips, diet strategies, etc, but this is my passion so it’s relatively easy for me to write about these subjects.

But then I started thinking, what about the person who’s currently doing very little for their fitness and health? The more in-depth discussions don’t connect with these folks because they’re stuck in unhealthy habits.

Now granted there are some individuals who really don’t care and have no problem telling you that. It’s like they’re proud of their unhealthy habits and avoidance of anything that even resembles physical activity.

While I understand not everyone is going to be a health nut or workout fanatic, it’s always seemed silly to me that some people would choose to totally neglect the most precious gift they have, their health.

My Mother told me for years. – “If you have your health, you have wealth.”

The older I get, the more I realize the wisdom in that simple statement. Seriously, if you think about it, everything you think is important in your life (money, status, material things) these things all become meaningless if you don’t have your health. Mom was right. And now that she is 84 and has Alzheimer’s Disease, I think about her wise words every single day.

In the end it’s your relationships and experiences with others that you’ll cherish and remember the most. This doesn’t get discussed nearly enough, but an individual’s health (how you feel, energy levels, mobility, everything) play a big part in determining what those relationships and experiences will be like.

It’s the difference between doing something you enjoy with a friend or loved one, or missing out because you didn’t have the energy or the physical ability to do so.

Most of us don’t think about these things in our younger years. Let’s face it you can abuse your body for a long time before there’s a day of reckoning. While a sudden illness can come on unexpectedly out of our control, declining health is often the result of bad habits repeated month after month, year after year.

So why, why in the heck would anyone willingly make repeated decisions to forfeit their health?

That’s a tough question to answer as it could be due to any number of reasons. I look around me and see people who are certainly capable of making a change, but simply choose not to. For a lot of these folks, I think they’ve simply forgotten what it feels like to feel good.

They forget what it’s like to get up in the morning and feel invigorated and refreshed. To have energy all day long and feel great. Sadly, it’s often food, booze, or drugs that mask the pain and rob them of their potential.

If any of this sounds familiar I want to challenge you to sit down with the New Year approaching and make a list of what’s really important in your life. Are you sacrificing things you really want and are important to you? If you’re not living life to the fullest, then why? What’s keeping you from making a change?

Don’t let fear, uncertainty, or bad habits keep you stuck. You owe it not only to yourself, but to your family, friends, and loved ones as well. Not only will these people want to have you around (and see you be happy and healthy), but some of them may very well need you. That can be a sobering fact to think about.

The foundation of all this is to take care of yourself first. This obviously transcends beyond working out and eating healthy. It’s about striving to be a better person mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Whatever your own unique situation is like heading into the New Year, I want to encourage you to forget about the past and focus on the future. If you’ve sacrificed your health and quality of your life in the past, there’s no better time than now to reverse it.

You can do it!

Believe in yourself and put priorities on things that are most important to you. Change is just one decision away. If change revolves around exercising and eating healthier, seek out a coach or mentor who can lead the way. If this is something I can help you with I’m happy to be at your service. My best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014. May God bless you and your family.

Namaste Daisy


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