Body Transformation Success Tip 1 of 10 – (You DON’T Know)

B0dy Transformation Success Tip 1 of 10 – (Maybe You DON’T Know)

Plan into ActionI have paid attention to the areas that most people have difficulty with, the areas of life that present challenges and obstacles. In doing so, I know where people have problems, get frustrated or angry or even throw in the towel. I also know how to help you avoid these challenges and focus on your success. To help you get on the right track for the start. Over the next few weeks I will provide you with 10 Success Tips for Body Transformation that I know you will find useful:

Tip 1 – Maybe You DON’T Know

One of the biggest pitfalls people falter over when they start a new fitness or nutrition program is what I call the “I know” syndrome. The best way to describe it is with examples.

Take a skinny guy who’s complaining about being so skinny. You tell him he must lift heavier weights and eat more. What does he say? “I know, I know.” Take an obese woman who needs to lose weight. Her doctor tells her she needs to exercise more and eat less. What does she say? “I know, I know.”

We have all heard “I know, I know” so many times that we just block the words out. But if you really think about it, even though these people think they know to lift heavier and eat more or to exercise more and eat less, maybe they really DON’T know. Maybe they have heard this stuff before, but, the truth is, they don’t really know until they have done it successfully and then repeated it. They might not even know something well enough until AFTER they have done it, repeated it and taught it to others.

“I know, I know” is a mental shortcut that enables us to shut off our brains to stop thinking about the application of information and avoid action. Is this YOU?  

If you have room for improvement, maybe you DON’T know – not yet, anyway. If you REALLY knew, then you would be doing it.  And if you were doing it, you wouldn’t need FITNESS with DAISY in the first place!

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