Body Transformation Success Tip 2 of 10– (Match Your Behaviors & Goals)

Body Transformation Success Tip 2 of 10 – (Match Your Behaviors & Goals)

Behavior ChangeI encourage you to avoid the problem of not matching up your behaviors and goals.

People fall short in this area all the time. A gal wants to lose 30 pounds. She joins the gym and exercises two times per week. She completely ignores proper eating habits. Her goal?  Significant, life changing weight-loss. Her behaviors: small, inconsequential; lifestyle change. The behaviors don’t match the goal, so how can she possibly succeed?

If life it is easy to set lofty goals. You want to lose 30 pounds of fat, fain muscle, earn $150K per year and marry a sexy, successful spouse. But those things aren’t going to come to us simply because we want them and think about them all the time. They only come to us when we engage in the right behaviors, when we match our behaviors and our goals.

If you follow sound nutrition principles 90% of the time and make sure to individualize them for your specific body type and goals, you will see the results you are looking for. However, it is not enough just to think about the goal. You have to do the math. If you are eating 4 meals and snacks per day over the course of seven days per week, you should be following sound nutrition principles for about 25-28 of your meals.

When it comes to exercise, it it’s recommended that you exercise 4-5 times each week, that means you will do YOUR BEST to stay active and skip only a few workouts a month.

If the goal is change your body in the fastest possible timeframe, yet you are only following sound eating principles for ½ of your meals and skipping half of your exercise sessions per week, then you are NOT matching your goals with your behavior.

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself regularly if your goals and behaviors are matching. If so, keep going. If not then adjust something. Either bring your behaviors up to match your goals or bring your goals down to match your moderate commitment. Either approach is just fine as long as your behaviors match your goals.

Of course, in the beginning, you may not exactly know which behaviors should be in place to match your goals. That’s where FITNESS with DAISY can help!

If you are looking for some help jump-starting your personresized-small-logo-for-wordpress_edited-1.jpgal wellness for 2014, I would love to work with you.

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