Body Transformation Success Tip 3 of 10 – (Understand Peaks and Valleys)

Body Transformation Success Tip 3 of 10 – (Understand Peaks and Valleys)

Peaks and ValleysYou may be surprised to hear this, but I encourage you to relax your goals and behaviors from time to time. It is necessary and it’s healthy.

For starters, not everyone has a ”big” goal when it comes to health and fitness, so not everyone needs 90% compliance. I won’t judge you if your goals are more modest.

After all, it is YOUR responsibility to pick your own level of commitment and I encourage any and all steps that will improve on where you are at today. But once you pick your level of commitment, it is also up to you to realistically set your expectations.

To help you stick to your goals, consider using this strategy: just as you might periodize your training, you can also periodize your commitment.

Periodization is an exercise principle based on changing your workouts to achieve different goals. For example, one eight-week training phase might be devoted to getting stronger, while the next eight-week phase might be devoted to getting faster. And in between these eight-week phases, two weeks might be devoted to recovery and rest.

What works for exercise can also work for nutrition. Instead of killing yourself by pursuing hard-core fat loss for 20 weeks straight, why not periodize your commitment? You might try eight weeks of hard-core fat loss, followed by two weeks of a more relaxed dietary commitment. And then, based on how your body has changes, you may decide to return to the fat loss plan or follow a maintenance plan.

This is a much better approach, both psychologically and physiologically. And the beauty of it is that you can plan your nutrition commitment around big invents in your left. Let’s say you travel extensively in June and July of every year. Well, why not ramp up your commitment during March, April and may so that during June and July you can relax tings?

Understand that at FITNESS with DAISY, there is flexibility built in. It’s OK to relax a little and make incremental improvements without putting huge pressure on yourself to be perfect.

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