Body Transformation Success Tip 6 of 10 – (Measurement and Expectations)

Body Transformation Success Tip 6 of 10 – (Measurement and Expectations)

Expectations and Patience copyAssuming you have specific goals and we have a program individualized especially for you, you will see good progress over a reasonable amount of time. In fact, you may even see weekly progress. However, weekly progress doesn’t go on indefinitely.

The body doesn’t always function in a linear manner. Successful bursts can be followed by stagnation. You may lose three pounds in the first three weeks, then nothing. Then, three weeks later lose another pound. Then nothing. And so on. This is NOTHING to get discouraged about.

We all get frustrated with lack of progress and that’s fine, but often times, things ARE changing – just not what we can see or what we happen to be looking at. Spread out your attention, measure different things, look to a number of different areas of progress and make sure you are not missing important changes.

But if you are doing EVERYTHING you are supposed to be doing (and that is a big if – be honest with yourself!) and you still see nothing happening, remain patient. Don’t give up.

I promise, if you continue working hard, the internal changes will eventually add up and what you have been waiting for will emerge!

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