Body Transformation Success Tip 7 of 10 – (The Numbers Paradox)

Body Transformation Success Tip 7 of 10 – (The Numbers Paradox)

Numbers ParadoxAlthough I have stressed the importance of measuring results, here is the paradox: Numbers aren’t everything. Time and time again, I have seen people live and die by the numbers. And that’s a mistake.

People often judge their happiness based on their numbers. They are happy if they lose a pound on the scale or a percentage point of body fat in a given day or week, and they are sad if they don’t.

Remember that this isn’t just a numbers game. You are also doing this to improve your health, longevity, performance, energy level and any number of other qualitative measures. Keep in mind that sometimes the numbers lie. For example, you can radically change your body without gaining or losing a pound. This happens when you lose a lot of fat and gain a lot of lean mass simultaneously, something that happens to many people when they start eating right and training seriously.

If your goals are modest, you may not need to rely on the numbers at all. You may simply want to enjoy the process and check the mirror from time to time to see how things are going.

After all, I’m assuming you are following a new nutrition plan to improve the way you look AND feel . And in doing so, you are expecting happiness with your body as a reward. So, instead of waiting until you reach a certain number to be happy which never works out like that anyway, it is important to find ways to be happy with your body right now.

Are you stronger? Do your clothes fit better? Can you see muscles you couldn’t see before? Do you like your reflection more when you look in the mirror? Do you feel more athletic, more energetic? Have any other problems, such as headaches or dry skin, subsided?

These are all things that will likely improve while following a solid nutrition program, so make sure you are looking for these improvements too. I guarantee you WILL be happier than if you just watch the scale.

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