Body Transformation Success Tip 8 of 10 – (Reasonable Progress)

Body Transformation Success Tip 8 of 10 – (Reasonable Progress)

Daily WinI have seen people who have lost 3% fat in three months or six pounds in seven weeks and they ask why things aren’t working for them. This blows me away because those are tangible results. What exactly are these people expecting? Perhaps they need to do a little math.

If you are a woman at 30% body fat and you are losing 1% fat a month, by the end of a year you will be at 18% fat. That is defined as “athletic.”  You will have gone from obese to athletic in just one year. And if you are gaining one pound of lean mass every three weeks, you can expect to gain 17 pound of quality lean body mass over one year.

When you are waiting for these changes to happen, progress may seem slow and non-existent. But, over the long haul, both outcomes represent amazing progress. Understand what reasonable progress is and don’t get impatient if things seem to be moving slowly.

One way to stay true to this is by acknowledging your “daily wins.”  As my friend Jeff Smith says: ““Most of us miss out on making a lot of progress, as well as enjoying much of the progress we are making, by failing to fully acknowledge the ‘daily wins’ in our lives. These may seem small and inconsequential in and of themselves, but they add up to 1) a rich, rewarding , happy life; and 2) the momentum necessary to continue to grow and move forward in an easy, stress-free way.

“Generally, all that is required to take advantage of this powerful success factor is to begin writing down your ‘daily wins’ so that you become aware of them, as well as acknowledge them for the progress, and the gifts, that they truly are.”

With that in mind, I encourage you to track your “daily wins.” Review them often. Celebrate them. They will keep you motivated when progress seems slow.

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