A Trip To The Grocery Store – “Mission Possible!”

A Trip To The Grocery Store – “Mission Possible!”

Grocery StoreIt’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Here is your strategy: copy or print out this grocery list (below), take it to the market, and stick to it as you stock up your kitchen. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

While at the market, take note of your path of travel. You will realize very quickly that the best foods are located around the periphery of the store, in the produce and refrigerated sections. Unfortunately, the main aisles are typically full of prepackaged food stuffs containing process carbs, sugar, and bad fats. So leave the aisle-browsing to others and make only quick forays into these regions when you have a specific purpose. Need chick peas? Find that can and quickly get back into the ‘safe zone.”

You shouldn’t have a problem finding most of these items at a regular grocery store. However, if you are unable to find something, find a local health food store or go to Whole Foods.

In addition to the groceries listed below, you will also want to have plenty of meal sized Tupperware containers hanging around your cupboards. While plastic is ok, glass is better. Storage is a MUST for your kitchen as you will need to prepare some of your meals in advance.

Grocery Shopping List – A Few Ideas

Meat & Dairy
Lean beef, 1-2 lbs
Chicken breasts, 1-2 lbs
Smoked turkey  breast, 1-2 lbs
Salmon fillet, 1 lb
3 dozen omega-3 eggs
1 carton plain yogurt or vegan alternative
A few ounces of cheese

Vegetables & Fruit
Triple washed raw spinach, 1 lb
Whole mushrooms, ½ lb
Sweet onions, 2 med
Fresh red tomatoes, 3 large
Cucumbers, 2 large
Fresh garlic, 1 bunch
Apples, 4
Frozen blueberries (bag)
Lemons, 4
Berries of choice – 1 quart

Vanilla protein powder, 2 lb
Chick peas, 1-2 cans
Steel cut oats, 1 lb
Quinoa grain, 1 lb
Oat bran, ½ lb
Golden flax seeds, ½ lb
Extra virgin olive oil
Butter or coconut oil
Cooking spray (canola or olive)
Pecans, 1 lb
Lemon juice, 1 bottle
Salt & Pepper
Garlic powder

*This is idea for 1-2 individuals. If you are feeding more, increase the quantities.

Now Happy Shopping!


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