Body Transformation Success Tip 9 of 10 – (Maintain Your Rate of Progress)

Body Transformation Success Tip 9 of 10 – (Maintain Your Rate of Progress)

ProgressFor all those seeing quick results out of the starting gate, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is unlikely that you will be able to maintain this indefinitely. If fat loss is your goal and you have lost 3% fat in six weeks, that rate will slow down. No one can continue to lose body fat forever. After all, you can’t be at -3% body fat….

As your body gets leaner, it will fight more to keep the fat, so you will have to outwit your physiology. To do this, you will eventually have to start monitoring your intake more closely. That doesn’t mean you will have to count calories, but you will have to establish a solid baseline of what you eat daily. Then, if progress stagnates, you will decrease your intake a bit every two weeks or increase your exercise volume, duration or intensity a bit every two weeks. Don’t fret about the details now.

Following the same program without adapting it to your body is a recipe for stagnation. Even if you respond well at first, make sure you are prepared to make changes that will ensure your progress keeps moving in the right direction.

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