What Is Good NutritionIf you asked a hundred different people what “good nutrition” or “healthy eating” means, you would likely get a hundred different answers.

Some think good nutrition means eating fewer sugary desserts. Others think it means eating more fruits and vegetables. Others think it means eating less meat or fewer carbs. Sure, all of these are simple and easy to remember. Yet all of them are incomplete.

Let’s consider measuring the “goodness” of nutrition differently. As yourself one simple question – “What do I hope to accomplish with my nutrition plan?”

In fact, not only should you ask this question now, you should revisit it every few months, just to be sure you are remaining true to your goals. (Hopefully you remember the “Matching Goals and Behaviors Success Tip from an earlier blog post).

All good nutrition programs must accomplish three things simultaneously:

1)     Improve Your Body Composition
You want to lose fat, gain muscle, see your abs and generally look great naked. But there are plenty of powerful drugs, invasive and risky surgeries and psychotic crash diets that can improve the way you look temporarily often sacrificing your health, well-being and athletic performance.

2)     Improve Your Health
Maybe you have health issues that need to be resolved. Maybe you have a clean bill of health. Either way, your nutrition plan should improve your health profile and keep it shipshape for a long, long time. From reducing your blood lipids to increasing your insulin sensitivity, from decreasing diabetes risk to increasing good cholesterol, from reducing body fat percentage to increasing your lean body mass, a good nutrition plan is designed to help you look better AND improve your overall health and function well into old age.

There are a lot of programs out there that cater to health-oriented people, including programs that restrict calories severely, eliminate all meat (even the lean kind), and/or supplement excessively with vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately some of these practices reduce metabolic rate and lean mass (both of which are essential for healthy aging), while others can create nutrient deficiencies or nutrient overdoses. Still others can decrease daily energy levels and performance.

3)     Improve Your Performance
Whether you are an average gym goer who just wants higher energy levels, better stamina and a little more oomph in your workouts or you are an elite, world-class athlete a good nutrition program will improve the way your body works.

People choose many ways to improve performance, including powerful ergogenic (Performance-enhancing) drugs., crash dieting and diuretics to make weight for competition, loading up on pasta before a big competition, etc. Yet none of these are really ideal for long-term achievement, and some of these strategies compromise health and body composition.

Good nutrition is outcome-based. Theory is nice, but results are everything. Remain appropriately skeptical of all new nutrition advice you hear (even from me) until you have tested it on yourself and proven that it can improve your body composition, health, and performance.

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