Body Transformation Success Tip 10 of 10 – (Consistency Not Perfection)

Body Transformation Success Tip 10 of 10 – (Consistency Not Perfection)

ConsistencyNutrition with Daisy will help you set expectations for what’s to come and will provide big picture guidance and suggestions.

Eating better isn’t about what you know. And it’s not about what you do occasionally. Real results come when you find strategies for making great eating decision consistently and reliably.

Note: perfection ISN’T necessary. Consistency is.

You may find that a lot of the information I provide is familiar. You may have heard some of these ideas before. And at times you may think, “I already know this stuff.” If that’s the case, remember the point above. Knowing isn’t enough. If you still have improvements to make, it’s time to build strategies for applying what you know.

In addition, I encourage you to consider your goals. Whether you want to lose 100 pounds (or just 10), improve your blood work (or just feel a little better), it’s important to define what you really want. And then define what reasonable progress means. This last part is what most people skip. They rush into things and get, predictably, disappointed. Don’t let that be you. If you need some help with either goal setting or establishing reasonable timelines, I am happy to help!

SO – What Kind of Body do YOU REALLY WANT?
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