What About Diets?

What About Diets?


People choose many ways to improve performance and appearance, but some strategies compromise health and body composition. Focusing excessively on weight loss alone, while ignoring other goals, can cause problems.

Let’s look at a few examples:



Sure, calorie restriction will reduce body weight. And yes, research studies show that extreme calorie restriction in animals can lead to longer life spans.

While calorie restriction may lower body weight and perhaps add a few years to your maximal potential life span, it has drawback. For starters, long-term restriction can reduce bond density. Did you know that osteoporosis is rampant in our society, even in young female athletes? These diets can reduce muscle mass and strength, eventually leading to losing independence and mobility with age. Finally, low-calorie diets compromise performance by robbing you of food energy and metabolic power.

While a low-calorie diet might help you drop weight, you will also see declines in health and performance. The clinical evidence that low-calorie diets may help you live longer just isn’t well validated in humans,  nor are these diets the only way to improve longevity.


Scientific evidence has shown that these diets can reduce blood sugar and cardiovascular disease risk, which is generally regarded as “healthy.” However, drive those blood sugars too low and you also drive muscle and liver carbohydrate energy too low. In sports, that is often a recipe for disaster. In an intermittent sport (basketball, hockey, etc.) or and endurance activity (distance running), low muscle glycogen will kill your energy levels.

While very love carbohydrate diets may be healthy in some respects, they will impair most people’s physical and mental performance.


High carbohydrate diets that are full of simple sugars and devoid of fiber and micronutrients can improve short-term performance in certain sports (especially endurance sports). In the long-term, they can also increase body fat, eventually induce insulin resistance, and even decrease performance.

I know what you are thinking now: “Low calorie, Low carb, and High carb diets are out?! Well then what do I eat? Don’t worry! NUTRITION with DAISY will help you with a sound, scientifically validated and very inclusive nutrition plan.

For now, just remember; all good nutrition programs should do three things simultaneously

  1. Improve your body composition
  2. Improve your health
  3. Improve your performance

Keep this in mind and remember that good nutrition is outcome-based. Theory is nice, but results are everything. Remain appropriately skeptical of all new nutrition advice and diet fads!

If you want some help improving your diet and nutrition, contact Daisy !info@fitnesswithdaisy.com

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