Additional Tips 1 of 3 – (Drink Beverages with Few Calories and Few Ingredients)

Additional Tips 1 of 3 – (Drink Beverages with Few Calories and Few Ingredients)

WaterYou should minimize fruit juice, soda, sports drinks, coffees and teas full of cream and sugar, and most other sugary beverages in your diet. While fruit juice is marketed as a healthy alternative to soda, in reality fruit juices have very little nutritional value with almost as much sugar. And they are certainly no substitute for actual fruits and vegetables. 

Now for people who are really looking to squeeze every extra calorie into their diet, there can be some advantages to including high calorie beverages, especially during and around exercise. However, this is not the case for most of us. WE are usually looking for ways to sneak calories out, not in!

So eat your fruits and veggies and drink mostly water as your usual beverage. Green tea is another great choice and a little black coffee is good too.

When it comes to calorie-containing drinks, avoid most of them except for:

  • Super Shakes (Super Shake Guide coming soon)
  • Sports drinks during times of heavy exercise (and sweating) in events lasting more than 2 hours

Beyond that, your best bet is to stick with water. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and water is absolutely essential for a variety of physiological functions. Your health, performance, and body composition will suffer if you don’t drink enough of it.

You should get approximately 8 full cups of water per day if you are not exercising, and double that – 16 full cups – when exercising. Although the water consumed in your Super Shakes, green tea or coffee count, relying on these drinks alone usually doesn’t get the job done. You will likely have to “top off” with some clean, cold, high quality H20.

*Note: Water toxicity, while rare, is a real threat. During exercise that produces a large sweat loss, over-consuming water alone could lead to electrolyte (mineral) imbalances and even death. This is why sports drinks containing carbs, proteins, and minerals are best during long-duration exercise in hot climates. For the rest of the day and for all other activities though, regular water is just fine.

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