Additional Tips 3 of 3 – (Plan Ahead and Prepare Food in Advance)

Additional Tips 3 of 3 – (Plan Ahead and Prepare Food in Advance)

Plan AheadThe hardest part about eating well isn’t necessarily understanding which foods are good and which foods are bad. Nor is it understanding proteins, carbs, and fats and when to eat them. The hardest part is consistency. Often good nutrition is less about the food and more about making sure the food is available when it is time to eat.

You will need to come up with food preparation strategies in order to ensure that you can consistently get the nutrition you need when you need it. Whether that means cooking a bunch of meals or preparing a bunch of food on Sunday for the upcoming week; getting up 30 minutes earlier and preparing food for a the rest of the day; or hiring a food preparation service to do it for you, it is critical to have a plan. As the old cliché very accurately states, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

I have some great food prep and planning strategies for you. Stay tuned. Like a Boy Scout, your success depends on being prepared.

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